Weldaloy Specialty Forgings Acquires New 200-ton Ring Roller

Warren, MI – March 9, 2020 – Companies in need of rolled rings under 50 inches in diameter, fear not.  There is once again competition for your business and availability of parts, thanks to a recent purchase by Weldaloy Specialty Forgings.

Weldaloy has purchased a 200-ton ring roller to produce titanium, Superalloy and stainless steel seamless rolled rings.

“It’s a big deal for a company our size to make this purchase,” said Kurt Ruppenthal, Weldaloy’s Vice President and General Manager. “This is welcomed news for these aerospace companies.  There is a big demand that currently isn’t being met.  Not only can we meet that demand — we can do it at an attractive price and deliver our work on time.”

Ruppenthal not only bought the machine, he lured away the guy who helped build, sell and service these type of machines. Tony Galli left SBS Maschinenfabrik GmbH in November, 2019 to join Weldaloy as their new Director of Forging Operations.  Galli spent 40 years forging aerospace rings for companies in Nevada, Mexico, Italy, Pennsylvania, Texas and, more recently, in Cleveland.

Galli expects to start production in June and hopes to be making 50 pieces per day once the operation is up and running.

Obviously, price is always an issue when purchasing rolled rings, but getting those parts on time is also problematic.

“There are forging companies out there that are only meeting their customers’ deadlines 60 percent of the time,”  Galli said.  “I know we can beat that. We have seen cases where customers have been delayed weeks and months on many of their deliveries.  We are excited to be able to provide another option for serving customers who have rings that our new roller can produce.”