DBusiness features Weldaloy Specialty Forgings

Weldaloy was featured in a February 2023 article written by DBusiness editor R.J. King. The 76-year-old company has a prominent role in the aerospace industry and is expanding rapidly thanks to a robust engineering team, a full metallurgy laboratory, and a major expansion to its campus in Warren.

Forged Revenue

How Weldaloy Specialty Forgings in Warren left the auto market to help propel rockets into outer space.

By R.J. King

Low-volume orders aren’t often a recipe for success, but for Weldaloy Specialty Forgings in Warren, its business model of producing short-run yet critical parts that help power rockets into the cosmos works.

“Not much flies to space in North America without some of our parts,” says Andrew Smith, President and CEO of Weldaloy. “We produce forged rocket nozzles, rings, discs, and engine parts. It’s a sense of pride for our forgers and machinists that they can build specialty parts at low volumes and at high tolerances.”

Weldaloy has a 36,000 sq.ft. expansion under construction that will include a 3,000 ton press and a ring mill capable of producing 120" seamless rolled rings. (conceptual rendering by Zoyes Creative)