Our customers come from some of the largest corporate names in aerospace, electronics, oil and gas, power generation, material processing, and more. Our engineering and forging expertise keep these top companies coming to us for custom forged copper, titanium, super alloys, and other non-ferrous metal parts.


Not all materials are created equal. We work with suppliers to ensure our inventory has the best raw materials in order to eliminate long lead times and unnecessary delays in producing your custom part.


Weldaloy has a full saw operation in order to eliminate unnecessary costs and wasted material. Your product deserves precision from the very beginning.

Energy / Power Generation

We’ve developed proprietary heat treating “recipes” specific for custom copper, titanium, super alloys, brass, and other non-ferrous forgings. These time-tested “recipes” allow us to treat your custom piece without adding delays or extra costs due to avoidable errors.

Material Processing / OEM

In addition to processing non-ferrous materials, we are machining specialists of copper, titanium, super alloys, other non-ferrous parts. We have over 75 years of experience working with low machinability alloys and have developed expert processes for high purity pieces.

“Weldaloy’s ability to produce two rotor end ring forgings in a timely manner helps our company maintain an already critical delivery schedule. Thank you for a tremendous response.”

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