Having the right people is the first step in exceeding customer expectations. Each individual on our leadership team takes personal responsibility for maintaining our commitment to our customers and their custom forging needs. We believe that people make the process, and we attribute our success in the forging industry to our dedicated team. Learn more about our leadership team below.

Rick Warren


Rick Warren is Chairman of Weldaloy Specialty Forgings, and the sole shareholder since 1994. Throughout his career, Rick has launched and led accounting, real estate development, and management consulting firms. He received a B.S. in finance from Michigan State University.

Amid his entrepreneurship and business enterprises, Rick’s true passions are for people and the Gospel. He is heavily involved with various ministries and nonprofit organizations around the country—many of which are involved in supporting education.  To learn more about Rick, his story, and his charitable and community activity, visit TheOtherRickWarren.com.

Andrew Smith

President and CEO

Andrew Smith joined the Weldaloy leadership team in October 2018. and promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in January 2021. He was named President and CEO in December 2022.

Andrew is process oriented, and brings an excellent blend of discipline and business savvy to manufacturing. Andrew works closely with the entire  Weldaloy team to meet challenging expectations, exceed industry standards, and to satisfy customers’ needs with creative problem solving. Andrew continuously looks to find ways to expand Weldaloy’s manufacturing capabilities.

Prior to working at Weldaloy, Andrew was the CEO of UV Angel, a technology start-up focused on ultraviolet disinfection for the healthcare industry. Andrew studied Biochemistry at Oakland University.

Dr. Ramachandra Canumalla

Vice president, chief technology officer

Dr. Ramachandra (Ram) Canumalla joined Weldaloy in June 2017. As VP/CTO, he brings a unique blend of scientific and practical experience to Weldaloy’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. He has extensive experience in various alloys, with special emphasis in superalloys and titanium alloys.

Dr. Ram was awarded Metallurgist of the Year by the Ministry of Steel, Government of India in 1997. He received his Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering, his M.S. in materials technology from the Indian Institutes of Technology, and his B.S. in metallurgical engineering from the National Institute of Technology.

Fernando Lozano

Fernando Lozano

Vice President of Sales & Supply Chain

Fernando Lozano has a wide-ranging expertise in forging, with special knowledge of the needs of the aerospace industry. He is committed to ensuring Weldaloy’s partners are provided exceptional products and service.

Prior to joining Weldaloy, Fernando worked at Frisa, ATI Specialty Materials, Howmet Aerospace and PCC Caledonian Alloys.