Heat Treat

All of Weldaloy’s heat treating is done in conformance with CDA (Copper Development Association) guidelines. Weldaloy has developed proprietary “recipes” within these guidelines to optimize mechanical properties and/or other characteristics. Different heat-treatable alloys have unique heat treating “recipes” which generally consist of time and temperature variables that must be precisely followed in order to achieve the optimum balance. Also‚ the method of heating the furnace design and the furnace atmosphere contribute to the success of achieving the desired properties.

Our services include annealing and/or stress relieving‚ solution heat treating with water quench, and precipitation hardening of copper and aluminum alloys. Because these services are handled with precision and accuracy‚ they help contribute to our reliable delivery record.

“Weldaloy is very flexible and accommodating to our needs. Not a lot of other suppliers are as flexible.”

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