Material Processing / OEM.

Receiving forged parts from your material processing supplier, which are dimensionally inaccurate or not made to your specifications, can be time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. How can you be sure that the part you receive from your material processing supplier is high-quality and made to your exact specifications? Weldaloy thoroughly reviews every part we make to ensure full dimensional and tolerance accuracy as your product is being processed.

What we make.

At Weldaloy, we take great pride in making the following parts for the material processing industry that are made to our customer’s exact specifications.

  • Crucible Liners

  • Crucible Bottoms

  • Mold Liners

  • Roll Shelves

  • Heat Nozzles

  • Bars

  • Casting Molds

  • Stools

  • Rectangular Blocks

“Weldaloy’s ability to produce two rotor end ring forgings in a timely manner helps our company maintain an already critical delivery schedule. Thank you for a tremendous response.”


We offer a variety of copper and aluminum alloys that ensure your material processing part is made with precision, speed, and care. View a comprehensive list of alloys we use by clicking the link below.

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