Our Story

Weldaloy was founded in 1946 by James O’Grady, who took advantage of the advances in resistance welding techniques which had been developed during World War II. Originally, the Company purchased extruded copper alloys and developed tooling techniques to produce high quality, precision shaped welding caps, tips, sleeves, and shafts. Weldaloy soon installed furnaces to melt copper billets and to produce its own alloys after experiencing difficulties in finding reliable, quality alloy suppliers. As more exotic alloys containing copper were developed and specified for faster welding of rust-resistant steels, Weldaloy became one of the few sources for these non-ferrous alloys.

In the late 1960’s, production was centralized to its current location in Warren, Michigan. Weldaloy added forging capability and became a reputable source for seam welding wheels.

In September of 1994, Weldaloy was purchased by its current owner Rick Warren. Today, Weldaloy is a leading supplier of forged copper, titanium, super alloys, and other non-ferrous products to industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, power equipment, semiconductor, and material processing.


Weldaloy was founded in 1946 by James O’Grady.


Weldaloy becomes a major supplier for General Motors Corporation.


Weldaloy adds forging capabilities.


Weldaloy opens machining plants in Clare, Michigan and in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


Weldaloy purchased by Creative Foam.


Weldaloy purchased by current owner, Rick Warren.


Weldaloy stops supplying to the automotive industry in order to focus on the superconductor and semiconductor industries.


Weldaloy is a key supplier of forged non-ferrous products to the aerospace, oil and gas, power equipment, superconductor, semiconductor, and material processing industries.

Our Vision

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To demonstrate the love of Christ Jesus to everyone we encounter.
“Weldaloy’s ability to produce two rotor end ring forgings in a timely manner helps our company maintain an already critical delivery schedule. Thank you for a tremendous response.”

Our Leadersip

“Customer focused” means that we choose our people carefully. Each individual on our leadership team takes personal responsibility for maintaining our commitment to our customers and their custom forging needs.