Titanium Containing High Entropy Alloys for Aeroengine Applications

HEA Paper Synopsis

R. Canumalla, Weldaloy Specialty Forgings, Warren, Michigan, USA

T. V. Jayaraman, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Drs. Canumalla and Jayaraman evaluated the available titanium-containing High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) data in the literature for applications in aeroengines. They applied a combination of multiple-attribute decision-making (MADM) methods coupled with advanced statistical analysis to hear the voice of the data. The evaluations by several MADMs were consistent; they identified a few Ti-containing HEAs matching the current benchmark, suggesting the potential of the HEAs to substitute legacy alloys in aeroengines. This investigation provides guidelines and directives to focus on further developing the identified Ti-containing HEAs.

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