Demolition to Make Room for Expansion

26 Hours of Demolition in 2.5 Minutes

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings is growing. Quickly. Sometimes to make room to grow, the old has to go.

In December, we removed an old structure to make room for a 36,000 sq. ft. expansion that will feature a 3,000 ton press and a ring roller that will allow Weldaloy to produce seamless rolled rings as large as 120″ in titanium and nickel alloys for our aviation clients. (Read more about the expansion here)

We took video of the demolition from one of our security cameras and compress 26 hours into two and a half minutes. It’s a little frenetic, but not that much more than seeing an entire building being torn down and hauled away in less than a week.

Our favorite moment starts at :38 when the moon rises and arcs across the sky.

One of the challenges of expansion is finding the right people to do the work. Our current job openings are posted here. Send our HR department your resume if you’re interested in forging, machining, metallurgy or any of the supporting positions of a growing manufacturing company.