Forging Titanium Alloys

Titanium is a unique metal.

Generally considered to be one of the strongest metals, titanium products are used in many different industrial forms and is in extremely high demand today.

Using titanium has many advantages. Titanium is best used for applications that require parts to have high strength, while being light in weight. Additionally, titanium is able to withstand high temperatures, and has a high resistance to corrosion.

These qualities make titanium ideal for many industries, including shipping, medical, military and defense, and aerospace sectors.

To ensure that forged titanium parts will effectively meet the customer’s needs, precise tools, equipment, and a knowledgeable, highly skilled team of engineers, metallurgists, and quality staff is vital.

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings is your qualified titanium forging partner. We service a wide variety of titanium alloys with the ability to custom forge in various shapes and sizes. Weldaloy is committed to having a highly skilled team of metallurgists to understand the complexities of working with titanium alloys. We are dedicated to understanding what our customers require in their forged parts, whether it be the more common AMS 4928 or AMS 6931 to your unique product requirement, we are here to help.

Properties of Titanium

To forge titanium properly, one must know the metallurgical properties, and what happens to the material when it is heated in preparation for the forging process at a microstructural level.

There are two distinctive phases associated with titanium and titanium alloys that occur in the material during the heating process. These phases are known as the alpha and beta phases, and it is crucial to understand these phases well in order to properly forge titanium.

Alpha (α) Phase

The alpha phase is a low temperature allotriomorph with hexagonal close packed structure. The alpha phase is present from room temperature to 1625 °F. Alpha grade titanium possesses the highest resistance to corrosion in comparison to other titanium grades.

Beta (β) Phase

Titanium transform into the high temperature allotriomorph namely the body centered cubic beta phase at 1625 °F, and remains as a beta up to the melting point of 3038 °F. This phase makes titanium ideal for forging applications, as well as heat treating, and welding, while still maintaining incredible strength and high corrosion resistance.

Titanium can easily be combined with other metals to create stronger alloys, resulting in three grade types of titanium alloys. The three grades of titanium alloys are: alpha alloys, alpha-beta alloys, and beta alloys.

  • Alpha alloys essentially remain in the alpha phase, with their resistance to creep typically reaching up to 1,000 °F. Alpha stabilizers that make up titanium alpha alloys are aluminum, oxygen, and nitrogen carbon.
  • Alpha-beta alloys combine both alpha and transformed beta microstructures at room temperature. These alloys are heat treatable to high strengths and contain neutral elements such as tin and zirconium. A well-known alpha-beta grade alloy is Ti-6AL4V.
  • Beta alloys are titanium alloys that contain a sufficient percentage of other alloys to maintain the beta phase at room temperature, and can be heat treated to immensely high strengths. This grade of titanium alloys contains beta stabilizers, such as vanadium, molybdenum, niobium, and tantalum.

Forged Titanium Capabilities

At Weldaloy Specialty Forgings, we’re committed to supplying our clients with high quality titanium forged products. We are capable of producing custom forged titanium from individual parts to large scale production orders in various shapes and alloys. From rolled rings and cylinders, to weight-saving die forged parts, Weldaloy is able to service your titanium forging needs.

Refer to the table below for our titanium forging capabilities.

Part Type Weldaloy Titanium Capabilities
Rolled Rings
~43” Max OD
Flat Bar / Blocks
Cylinders / Sleeves
~36” Max OD/Width
Disks / Hubs / Special Shapes
~20” Max OD/Width
Round Shafts
~16" Max OD/Width
Custom Die Press
~16" Max OD/Width

Some of the popular titanium alloys we service include:

  • Ti-64
  • Ti-64 ELI
  • Ti-5Al-2.5Sn
  • Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-22Mo
  • CP-70

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Copper Alloys

Stainless Steel Forgings

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Why Weldaloy

Why is Weldaloy Specialty Forgings the ideal partner for your titanium forging needs? There are several key components that prove Weldaloy is the ideal for your business.

Our Process

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings strives to meet every expectation that our customers require, with quality work at every level of production—from RFQ to the order’s delivery. Our processes allow us to keep the customer at the center of everything we do, making them a vital member of our team!

Our Capabilities

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings has a wide range of capabilities for your most challenging job. Forging, heat treat, rolled rings and machining are just some of the services we offer. Our facilities span over 115,000 sq. ft. of office and manufacturing space that house a ring mill, a 2,000-ton press, and five drop hammers ranging from 2,000-4,000 lbs. We are continuously making updates to our facilities to expand our capabilities, and to ensure we continue to meet the demands of our clients.

Engineering Capabilities:

  • CAD/CAM system-
  • SolidWorks
  • FORGE Forging
  • Simulation Software
  • SOP for control of CNC
  • Machine Programs


Testing Capabilities:

  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Mechanical testing (tensile-yield-elongation)
  • NDT Testing (dye penetrant, UT, radiographic)
  • Hardness, Conductivity, & Grain Size Analysis

Our Team

When you work with Weldaloy Specialty Forgings, you have a whole team behind your order that ensures our work is meeting the required standard. Weldaloy employs a highly skilled team of metallurgists with aerospace industry experience for projects with specific grain size and direction requirements, and ensures that our finished products meet mechanical and other testing standards. Weldaloy also has a well-staffed team of engineers that oversee our production processes, and at every step of production, our team of Quality experts verifies that our products meet the standard.

We focus on the small details to make sure our customers are getting the best quality in our products!

Our Certifications

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings is committed to making sure our accreditations are always up to date, ensuring a culture of consistency and attention to detail.

Our qualifications include:

  • AS9100D/ISO9001:2015
  • ITAR Registered

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