Rolled Rings

With our 40-ton ring rolling machine, Weldaloy has the capability to manufacture seamless rolled rings using most of the metals we offer. This process provides significant flexibility allowing for various sizes, and provides a more uniform product that is stronger, more reliable and made in less time, with less material waste than traditional forging processes.

The seamless rolled ring forging process produces a superior ring containing a more uniform grain, more repeatable mechanical properties, and a truer/rounder shape, which makes more efficient use of materials (less waste) and produces rings in less time. After rolling, the product can be sent on for heat treatment and machining to achieve the tolerances and specifications for the finished product.

Whether your order is 10 rings or 100 rings or more, the seamless rolled ring forging process minimizes the variation from ring-to-ring. Forged rolled rings can be configured in various sizes as shown in the table below. Specialized orders can be produced to manufacture seamless forged rolled rings in customized configurations.

Our rolled ring forging process capabilities include:

 Item Specification
Minimum Inside Diameter 10″
Maximum Outside Diameter 40″
Maximum Height 8 1/4″
Maximum Weight 500 lbs.
Tolerance Range ± 1/8”

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Rolled Rings