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Aluminum forged products are ideal for various industrial purposes.

When forged properly, aluminum parts have incredible strength, durability and resistance to corrosion.  Additionally, aluminum is also very malleable and lightweight, making it ideal for forging applications. Aerospace, military and defense, electronics, and several other sectors require aluminum forged parts that can meet the rigorous needs of their industry.

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings understands the finer details of working with aluminum alloys. We supply several aluminum alloys to meet the requirements of our customers. Whatever your aluminum forging needs are, Weldaloy will work with you by offering expert advice and quality aluminum parts in a variety of applications.


Aluminum Forging Capabilities


Weldaloy Specialty Forgings is a leading supplier of aluminum forgings. We forge aluminum parts in various shapes, sizes and tempers. From rings, disks, and nozzles, to more complex, custom shapes, Weldaloy can produce aluminum forgings to fit your requirements. We work with our customers at every stage, thoroughly understanding what their aluminum forging needs are and exceeding those demands on a daily basis. We ensure traceability of our aluminum forged parts for our customers long after the product has been shipped.

Every aluminum part we produce is overseen by our expert team of engineers, metallurgists, and quality engineers to guarantee our aluminum forgings are high quality and meeting our customers’ expectations.


Properties of Aluminum


Weldaloy Specialty Forgings offers a vast selection of wrought aluminum alloys to meet your aluminum forgings needs. We service a wide selection of aluminum alloys at different stress relief tempers and ages, as well as additional services such as solution heat treat, cold work, compression and artificial aging at different tempers.

Please refer to the information below to see the aluminum alloys, and the various tempers and ages we service:

  • A91100 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Non-Heat Treatable
  • A92014 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A92219 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A96061 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A97050 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A97075 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A97175 – Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable

Aluminum Tempers




Temper Before Aging


Temper After Aging






Aging Time (Hours)

A92014 T4 T6 350 177 9
A92219 T4 T6 375 191 26
A96061 T4 T6 350 177 8
A97050 W T6 Room, followed by 250 Room, followed by 121 72
A97075 W51, W52 T7351, T7352 225, followed   by 350 107, followed by 177 6 – 8
A97175 W T6 250 121 24

*Please note: all stress relieve tempers to be reviewed at time of quote.

Temper Key:

  • T6 – Solution Heat Treated and then artificially aged
  • T652 – Solution Heat Treated, cold worked, stress-relieved by compressing to produce permanent set of 1% to 5%, then artificially aged
  • T73 – Solution Heat Treated and stabilized- applies to products which are stabilized after solution heat treatment to carry them beyond the point of maximum strength to provide control of some special characteristics
  • T7352 – Solution Heat Treated, cold worked, stress-relieved by compressing to produce permanent set of 1% to 5%, then artificially aged.
  • T852 – Solution Heat Treated, cold worked, stress-relieved by compressing to produce permanent set of 1% to 5%, and then artificially aged
  • T4 – Solution Heat Treated and naturally aged to a substantially stable condition
  • T74 – Solution Heat Treated and then artificially aged


If you’re in need of an aluminum forging supplier that can provide a variety of alloys at various ages and tempers, request a quote from us today! We look forward to working with you!


Why Weldaloy?


Why should Weldaloy Specialty Forgings be your aluminum forging partner? There are several key components that prove Weldaloy is the ideal for your business.

Our Process


Weldaloy Specialty Forgings strives to meet every expectation that our customers require, with quality work at every level of production—from RFQ to the order’s delivery. Our processes allow us to keep the customer at the center of everything we do, making them a vital member of our team!

Our Capabilities


Weldaloy Specialty Forgings has a wide range of capabilities for your most challenging job. Forging, heat treat, rolled rings and machining are just some of the services we offer. Our facilities span over 115,000 sq. ft. of office and manufacturing space that house a ring mill, a 2,000-ton press, and five drop hammers ranging from 2,000-4,000 lbs. We are continuously making updates to our facilities to expand our capabilities, and to ensure we continue to meet the demands of our clients.

Engineering Capabilities:

  • CAD/CAM system-SolidWorks
  • FORGE Transvalor – Forging Simulation Software
  • SOP for control of CNC Machine Programs

Testing Capabilities:

  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Mechanical testing (tensile-yield-elongation)
  • NDT Testing (dye penetrant, UT, radiographic)
  • Hardness, Conductivity, & Grain Size Analysis

Our Team


When you work with Weldaloy Specialty Forgings, you have a whole team behind your order that ensures our work is meeting the required standard. Weldaloy employs a highly skilled team of metallurgists with aerospace industry experience for projects with specific grain size and direction requirements, and ensures that our finished products meet mechanical and other testing standards. Weldaloy also has a well-staffed team of engineers that oversee our production processes, and at every step of production, our team of Quality experts verifies that our products meet the standard.

We focus on the small details to make sure our customers are getting the best quality in our products!

Our Certifications

Weldaloy Specialty Forgings is committed to making sure our accreditations are always up to date, ensuring a culture of consistency and attention to detail.

Our qualifications include:

  • AS9100D
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ITAR Compliant
  • DNV GL Approved

Open Die

Closed Die

Rolled Rings

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