C18000 Chromium Nickel Silicon Copper

The following data is provided for informational purposes only. It was provided with permission by the Copper Development Association at www.copper.org.

Last Update: Feb 21, 2005

Chemical Composition
(%max., unless shown as range or min.)

Cu(1) Cr Fe Ni(2) Si
Min./Max. Rem. .10–.8 .15 1.8–3.0 .40–.8
Nominal .45 2.4 .6

(1) Cu value includes Ag.
(2) Includes Co.
Note: Cu + Sum of Named Elements, 99.5% min.

Applicable Specifications
No information available.

Common Fabrication Processes
No information available.

Fabrication Properties
No information available.

Mechanical Properties (measured at room temperature, 68 F (20 C))
No information available.

Physical Properties
No information available.

Tempers Most Commonly Used
No information available.

Typical Uses

Heat Sink Inserts in Steel Plastic Molds, Blow Pins, Pinch Offs, Mold Cavities for Bold Molds, Cores, Core & Ejector Pins for Injection Molds, Plunger Tips for Metal Die Casting Machines, Welding Dies for Wire and Flash, Sprue Bushing, Cavities for Injection Molds, Hot Runner Systems for Injection Molds, Resistance Welding Tips, Resistance Welding Wheels and Fixtures, Stud Welding Collets and Tips