C10100 Oxygen Free Electronic Copper (OFE)

The following data is provided for informational purposes only. It was provided with permission by the Copper Development Association at www.copper.org.

Last Update: Feb 21, 2005

Chemical Composition (%max., unless shown as range or min.)

Cu(1) Sb As O P Te
Min./Max. 99.99 min .0004 .0005 .0005 .0003 .0002

Cu is determined by the difference between the impurity total and 100%. The Cu value is exclusive of Ag. Note: The following additional maximum limits shall apply: Bi, 1ppm (.0001%); Cd, 1ppm (.0001%); Fe, 10ppm (.0010%); Pb, 5ppm (.0005%); Mn, 0.5ppm (.00005%); Ni, 10ppm (.0010%); Se, 3ppm (.0003%); Ag, 25ppm(.0025%); S, 15ppm (.0015%); Sn, 2ppm (.0002%); Zn, 1ppm (.0001%).

Note: This is a high conductivity copper which has, in the annealed condition a minimum conductivity of 100% IACS except for Alloy C10100 which has a minimum conductivity of 101% IACS.

Applicable Specifications

Product Specification
Bar ASTM B152, F68
Bar, Bus ASTM B187
Foil, Printed Circuits ASTM B451, F68
Pipe, Bus ASTM B188
Plate ASTM B152, F68
Plate, Clad ASTM B432
Rod ASTM F68
Rod, Bus ASTM B187
Shapes ASTM F68
Shapes, Bus ASTM B187
Sheet ASTM B152, F68
Sheet, Printed Circuits ASTM B451, F68
Strip ASTM B152, B272, F68
Strip, Printed Circuits ASTM B451, F68
Tube, Bus ASTM B188
Tube, Finned ASTM B359
Tube, Rectangular Waveguide ASTM F68 MILITARY MIL–W–85
Tube, Seamless ASTM B641, B75, F68
Tube, Welded ASTM B447, B641
Tube, Welded for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service ASTM B640
Wire, Medium–Hard Drawn ASTM B2, F68
Wire, Coated With Lead Alloy ASTM B189
Wire, Coated With Nickel ASTM B355
Wire, Coated With Silver ASTM B298
Wire, Coated With Tin ASTM B246, B33
Wire, Hard Drawn ASTM B1, B272, F68 FEDERAL QQ–W–343
Wire, Soft AMS 4700 ASTM B3, B48, F68
Wire, Stranded ASTM B172, B173, B8, B496, B470, B286, B226, B174 FEDERAL QQ–B–575

Common Fabrication Processes

Blanking, Coining, Coppersmithing, Drawing, Etching, Forming and Bending, Heading and Upsetting, Hot Forging and Pressing, Piercing and Punching, Roll Threading and Knurling, Shearing, Spinning, Squeezing and Swaging, Stamping

Fabrication Properties

Joining Technique Suitability
Soldering Excellent
Brazing Excellent
Oxyacetylene Welding Fair
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Good
Coated Metal Arc Welding Not Recommended
Spot Weld Not Recommended
Seam Weld Not Recommended
Butt Weld Good
Capacity for Being Cold Worked Excellent
Capacity for Being Hot Formed Excellent
Forgeability Rating 65
Machinability Rating 20

Physical Properties

US Customary Metric
Melting Point – Liquidus 1981 F 1083 C
Melting Point – Solidus 1981 F 1083 C
Density 0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 8.94 gm/cm3 @ 20 C
Specific Gravity 8.94 8.94
Electrical Resistivity 10.3 ohms–cmil/ft @ 68 F 1.71 microhm–cm @ 20 C
Electrical Conductivity* 101% IACS @ 68 F 0.591 MegaSiemens/cm @ 20 C
Thermal Conductivity 226.0 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2·oF)at 68F 391.1 W/m · oK at 20 C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.4 ·10–6 per oF (68–212 F) 16.9 ·10–6 per oC (20–100 C)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.6 ·10–6 per oF (68–392 F) 17.3 ·10–6 per oC (20–200 C)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.8 ·10–6 per oF (68–572 F) 17.6 ·10–6 per oC (20–300 C)
Specific Heat Capacity 0.092 Btu/lb/oF at 68 F 393.5 J/kg · oK at 293 K
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension 17000 ksi 117000 MPa
Modulus of Rigidity 6400 ksi 44130 MPa

*Volume and weight basis, minimum value.

Tempers Most Commonly Used

Flat Products
BAR, DRAWN H01, H04, H06, O60
BAR, ROLLED H01, H04, H06, M20, O60
PLATE H00, M20
SHEET H00, H02, M20, O60
STRIP, ROLLED H00, H01, H02, H04, H08, H10, M20, O60, OS025, OS050
WIRE, DRAWN H04, H06, O60
ROD H04, H08, M20, M30, O60, OS050
SHAPES H04, M20, M30, O60, OS050
TUBE H55, H58, H80, O60, OS025, OS050
WIRE H00, H01, H04, H08, O60, OS050

Typical Uses
Automotive Rectifiers

Conductors, Glass–to–Metal Seals, High Resistance–Ratio Cryogenic Shunts, Bus Bars, Lead–in Wire, Vacuum Seals, Transistor Component Bases, Bus Conductors, Wave Guides, Hollow Conductors, Anodes for Vacuum Tubes, Coaxial Cable, Coaxial Tube, Klystrons, Microwave Tubes