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Our Capabilities Include:

Please note: Our max capabilities may vary due to a number of components within a project, such as material type, part type, size, heat treat, and other requirements.
Item Max OD Additional Specifications
Ring Forging
Max Face Height: Up to 20’’
Flat Bar / Blocks
Max Weight: ~ 6,000 LBS.
Max Thickness: 30"
Cylinders / Sleeves
Max Length: 40"
Disks / Hubs / Special Shapes
Max Weight: ~ 6,000 LBS.
Round / Shafts
Max Weight: ~ 6,000 LBS.
Custom Die Press
Max Pressure: 2,000 TONS
Seamless Rolled Rings
Max Face Height: Up to 10’’
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Phone: (586) 758-5550
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