Open Die

In the open die forging process, a piece of metal is deformed by placing it between dies that do not completely enclose it. The dies hammer or deform the metal through a series of movements to achieve the desired shape and form. From here, the product can be sent on for heat treatment and machining to achieve the tolerances and specifications for the finished product.

The open die forging process is used to produce forgings that are generally simple in shape and made in smaller quantities. This process works well for producing products that:

  • Are too large to be produced by other manufacturing methods
  • Require mechanical properties that cannot be achieved by other metal forming methods
  • Have a small quantity requirement that wouldn’t justify tooling costs
  • A short delivery requirement that wouldn’t allow time to make proper tooling

Rings that have special mechanical requirements or that may require warm work or cold work, or are too large to be produced on a ring rolling mill can be open die forged.

Our open die forging process capabilities include:


 Item Specification
Maximum Thickness 20″
Maximum Weight 4,500 lbs.
Maximum Diameter 72″

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