Energy / Power Generation

Power generation applications produce some of the most demanding environments that forged parts can endure. Whether it is the high-load and high-speed of a hydrodynamic bearing or the strength and conductivity needed for an end ring to ensure that your motors function properly, forging provides you with the solution.

What we make

With over 7 decades of non-ferrous forging experience, we are an industry leader when it comes to forging processes and the associated heat treating techniques that produce power generation parts.

  • Forged End Rings

  • Slip Rings

  • Split-Ring Commutators

  • Shorting Rings

  • Commutator Rings

  • Hydrodynamic Fluid Film Bearings

  • Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings

  • Specialty Bearings

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We offer a variety of copper and aluminum alloys that ensure your power generation parts are made with precision, speed, and care. View a comprehensive list of alloys we use by clicking the link below.

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