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Minimizing Raw Material Delivery Issues

copper forgingSpecialized copper and aluminum alloys used in the parts that Weldaloy makes for our customers are a small percentage of the overall copper and aluminum used in the world. Specialized raw materials aren’t necessarily being produced when you need them‚ and lead–times can be long.

Weldaloy works with suppliers to ensure an adequate flow of raw material‚ and carries inventory of those alloys that are rarely produced to ensure supply. We carry the inventory primarily in raw material form because we can control a variety of material properties from a single raw material alloy and maintain maximum versatility in producing various shapes and products.

Getting Better Material Characteristics

aluminum forgingThere are inherent material characteristics found in cake‚ billet‚ bar or plate form. If specific material characteristics are required‚ then our engineering team can select the optimum type of material and design a process that will produce characteristics to meet your requirements. That process may include open die forgingclosed die forging, rolled ring forging, heat–treating‚ cold working‚ or any combination of these techniques. This is particularly important with non–ferrous materials that include some of the softest and most ductile metals in the world.

Some copper alloys can be brought to a hardness of HRB 95 with the appropriate processes.

All Materials Are Not Equal

Choosing the right material for your application can be critical. We can advise you what kind of properties can be obtained from different non–ferrous alloys.

Commonly Stocked Materials

Here are some of the raw materials commonly stocked in various forms at Weldaloy and their UNS designations:



  • A91100 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Non-Heat Treatable
  • A92014 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A92219 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A96061 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A97050 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A97075 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable
  • A97175 - Wrought Aluminum Alloy, Heat Treatable

Additional Forged Materials (these materials are not always in stock)

  • C61400
  • C62400 - Aluminum Bronze (11%)
  • C62500
  • C63000 - Aluminum Bronze
  • C63200 - Aluminum Bronze

It is important to note that Weldaloy is not limited to working with only these materials. Our raw material suppliers can provide us with many more non–ferrous alloys to produce your products.

Please inquire with our customer service department about your particular material needs.


  • MIL-C-19311B
  • PD-Spec 13402PE
  • PD-Spec 13410FD
  • PD-Spec 13425AC
  • PD-Spec 13425AT
  • PD-Spec 13425DA
  • PD-Spec 13425FB
  • PD-Spec 13425Z2
  • RWMA Class I
  • RWMA Class II
  • RWMA Class III
  • TW-13425AT
  • TW-13425DA
  • WI-PT-112
  • WMC 84355JA