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WELDALOY: Copper Forgings Specialists

Copper Forgings Specialists

Weldaloy specializes in copper forgings from C10100 OFE (Oxygen Free Electronic), C46400 Naval Brass, C18200 Chromium Copper, C70600 Copper Nickel, C18150 Chromium Zirconium Copper and more. We forge and machine custom copper products to our customer designs. Read 10 Reasons Why Weldaloy | AS 9100C and ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System (QMS)

Outstanding Quality

Drawing or tolerance mistakes result in extra costs, killing your profits. Our 23-point order review process limits the risk of drawing or tolerance mistakes. Our quality record has remained steady over the years. Ultimately our consistent quality record contributes to better profitability for all our customers.

Vertical Integration Improves Delivery

Multiple suppliers increase the amount of product transport time from one location to another adding cost without adding value. Vertical Integration or "all functions under one roof" means more efficient production and shorter lead times, cutting out non-value-added cost.

Copper Forgings, Heat Treating, Machining Under One Roof

There aren't many forging or machining operations that specialize in copper forgings. We have over six decades of experience forging, heat treating, and machining copper and aluminum alloys. We are vertically integrated from raw material to forging, heat treating and rough or finish machining, then shipped to you. Read more on Vertical Integration

Expanded Aluminum Capabilities

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